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Why Shouldn't You Do Online Evaluations?

The California Medical Board has made it clear that the “examination for the condition for which marijuana is being recommended must be an appropriate prior examination”.  Just ask yourself how can an appropriate examination be performed online? IT CAN'T! Do not take the risk of paying for an online recommendation that if the need arises will not hold up in the court of law! We do not match these online scams!

We are so confident we offer the best service at the lowest price that we have made this Guarantee to our patients because we want you to get a legitimate medical cannabis recommendation from a legitimate clinic that has been here longer than any other Cannabis clinic in the area.

If you find a legitimate offer for a standard recommendation lower than ours within

50 miles driving of our clinic we will more than gladly match it!

Why would we do this? Because we want the medical marijuana industry to remain legitimate and our patients to be protected with legitimate recommendations not worthless pieces of paper. Just print the offer and bring it with you to your appointment and as long as it is a legitimate offer we will beat it!

What is NOT LEGITIMATE? Clinics that do their evaluations over webcams using Skype or Facetime. It is illegal in California to have a medical cannabis evaluation via Skype, Facetime, or any other online method. It must be in person face to face where the doctor can examine you physically, as is done in our clinic!

Many clinics come and go as we have seen. Many clinics run illegally by performing Skype evaluations and charging for bogus recommendations worth less than the paper they are printed on! 

AHS has been here since 2008 for our patients. The #1 reason patients and their doctors choose us, RELIABILITY! Confidence that we will be here to support and serve our patients when they need us.

This offer is valid with new standard recommendations (no exemption) only!