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FAQ of Medical Marijuana Doctors

What Do You Do?
We perform honest, confidential, thorough medical marijuana evaluations and if the patient qualifies our doctors write a recommendation for the legal use of medicinal cannabis. We are here to assist those individuals with severe illness find an alternative to unwanted drugs. We are a compassionate and non-judgmental clinic with a friendly staff willing to serve our community.  Our doctors conduct a face to face full history and evaluation/exam to find medical necessity, which is required to legally receive a cannabis card. Once our doctor has determined there is medical necessity and documents the need you will receive a recommendation, which makes you completely legal. If the doctor believes he is unable to help you there is no charge or the visit. We usually can get you in for same day appointments.

Do I Need A Referral Before Coming To AHS?
No, we can evaluate your need and write you the recommendation/card if you qualify.

Will I be listed on a federal or state list if I get a marijuana recommendation?
No. Your medical records are covered by Federal HIPPA regulations. AHS will not discuss your file or recommendation with anyone.

What happens at my visit?
You will meet with one of our doctors and discuss your condition. A consult, an examination, and a review of your available records will all be performed by our doctor in person. If you qualify a written recommendation will be issued on the same day.

What Will I Receive After My Evaluation?

You will receive an original of the physician's recommendation. It is this recommendation that allows you to possess and purchase your medicine legally. You must carry a copy of this recommendation with you at all times in the event a peace officer or any local authorities require it. Information on the recommendation and the optional pocket sized recommendation allows for verification if needed.

What Should I Bring With Me?
Bring a valid California ID, any medical records in your possession, a list of medications (if any) you currently take, and the exam fee (cash only).

Do I need to bring my medical records or previous recommendation?
Yes. It is important to bring in any medical documentation that you may have such as medical records, ER visit, Chiropractor visit, X-Ray, MRI, prescription or previous recommendation.

How do I get my medical records?
Contact your physician or health care facility where you were treated and request that your records be released to you. Typically they will ask you to sign an authorization after which your records will be faxed, mailed or released to you. They can fax them directly to our office at 209-551-1665

What happens if I have never seen a physician for my condition and don't have records?
You can still be evaluated at AHS. Our physician may offer you a temporary recommendation with conditions that must be met within a specified time-frame, usually 3 months. Once these conditions have been met the recommendation will be extended to one year at no additional charge.

If I Can't get my medical records will I be denied?
Not necessarily. It is up to our doctor to determine that at your visit. The physician may give you a temporary recommendation or ask you to fulfill certain requirements. If you cannot fulfill the requirements that the doctor requested you may be denied.

If I receive a temporary recommendation will I have to pay again?
No. As long as you fulfill the requirements set by the physician your recommendation will be extended to one year from the date of your initial visit at no extra charge.

How old do I have to be to receive a recommendation?
You need to be 18.

Where do I get medical marijuana if I receive a recommendation?
AHS cannot assist you in obtaining medical marijuana nor can we direct you to any dispensary, collective or cooperative. There are numerous websites, organizations and publications that can help you online and offline.

Do You Issue Grow Certificates OR Growers Licenses?

This question is one we are asked often. There is no such thing legally as a Grower's License or Certificate. If there is a medical need for more than the limit set by SB420 our doctors may write a limit exemption. This allows the patient to grow more than the limit set by the law and is only intended for the few who medically show a need.

Do You Dispense Medicine?
No. We only conduct a complete medical history, evaluation, and examination which allows you to receive a card. Our doctor will discuss the benefits and risks with you at your appointment. We do not give out any medicine nor are we allowed by law to advise on where to get medicine.

At my job random drug testing is performed does my recommendation protect me?
At AHS we recommend that if you have questions regarding your job drug testing, you should discuss these concerns with your employer. Ultimately, even if you have a medical marijuana recommendation in California, the status of your job after drug testing is up to your employer.

Do You Accept Insurance?
No insurance does not cover this type of evaluation. You must pay cash for the examination.